«Bi öös deheem»
4 May 2018 to 28 April 2019

Josef Manser «Mölpi»
(1911–2005), Ankunft
auf der Mockenweid
(Hermes), Blick gegen
den Alpstein / Arrival at
Mockenweid (Hermes),
view of the Alpstein,
Öl auf Hartplatte / oil on
hardboard, 44 × 58,5 cm,
1980, Privatbesitz, Appenzell,
private collection in

Josef Manser «Mölpi» | 1911–2005 | Arrival at Mockenweid (Hermes ), view of the Alpstein| private collection in Appenzell

Impressions of country life in Appenzell and Toggenburg on display
at the Forum Würth Rorschach

The exhibition “Bi öös deheem″, or “Our homeland”, features works of art depicting country life in Appenzell and Toggenburg as seen through the eyes of six painters. Each artist views their homeland differently and represents their environment in a unique way. The genres and motifs are largely rooted inthe Bauernmalerei style of folk art, with panel paintings, known locally as Täfeli, traditional Sennenstreifen showing journeys through the Alps and Fahreimerbödeli, or oil paintings onwood. The exhibition mixes idyllic landscapes and traditional celebrations with scenes taken from everyday life and expressive portraits ofpeople from the regions. Bauernmalerei producesa stylised, idealistic view of the naturalworld, giving it precedence over the humdrum of real life in our society. Art in this style represents a dream, a longing for the carefree life you might imagine would come with having your own land and livestock. However, the exhibition goes beyond the concept of idyllicliving, since it also places emphasis on the artists who attempt to shine a light on the realities of life in the countryside.