Carmen Würth

Carmen Würth

* 18. July 1937

For decades, Carmen Würth has dedicated herself to the integration of the mentally handicapped into our society. In 1987, she and her husband Reinhold Würth already founded the Würth Foundation, which is committed to promoting arts and culture, science and research as well as training and education. In 1999, Carmen Würth developed a concept for a place of communication and interaction between people with and without handicap, which culminated in the opening of Hotel-Restaurant Anne-Sophie in Künzelsau in 2003. Awarded a "Selected Landmark 2007" in the "Land of Ideas", the unusual hotel trains handicapped employees in the processes of hotel and catering businesses. That this objective is a heartfelt wish of everyone involved can be felt everywhere in the hotel. Handicapped and non-handicapped people are welcome at this hotel, both as employees and guests.

Until November 2011, Carmen Würth was Vice President of Special Olympics Germany.

Carmen Würth is an honorary citizen of the town of Künzelsau since 2003.

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