Guided Tours

Guided tour

Art tour


Our art tours offer an overview of the content and ideas behind Forum Würth’s rotating exhibitions, focusing on a selection of exhibits.

Building tour


General building tour:

Experience the true spirit of Würth Haus Rorschach. Our staff will provide you with information about the Würth Group, background knowledge on the construction of the building, how to find your way around, how the building is used and what it has to offer outside visitors.

Technical building tour

Our facility management team will begin by giving you a broad overview of the general aspects of building management and then move on to focus on building technology. We can also cater to your individual requirements.

Architectural tour


Architects from Gigon/Guyer will explain the architectural aspects of Würth Haus Rorschach, from the beginning of the competition right through to the execution of the design and completion. Find out how the location was chosen, the multifaceted room programme and the sustainability concept of Würth Haus Rorschach.